2019-2020 School Council Executive

Chair – Jen Bertelsen

Secretary – Rebecca Banman

Treasurer –


January 23, 2018

  1. Welcome
  2. Our vision : to make sure every child has what they need to succeed at school. We want to take into account the needs of all the students
  3. News from the office


       -PIC and WRAPSC Parent Event – April 8, 2017 –  Empowering Students with Parent Engagement

       –CASL – has this affected our school/home communications?

       -School-Day – What is the best use for our school?

       -Google Groups – do we want to set up a Google group for our council?

       -the email list doesn’t get deleted

       -it is CASL compliant

5.  Co-chair : parent of a Gr 7 student who is willing to be chair of next year’s council

6.  Other business

  1. Is there a project we would like to take on from the list of suggested fundraising needs given to us by the teachers?
  2. How many meetings would we like to have before June?


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